100 Jumping - Daily lymphatic drainage


Incorrectly circulating lymph in the body causes swelling, excess weight and volume, and accumulations of decay products that accumulate in excess water in the body.


To make the lymphatic system work properly and circulate as needed, you must practice lymphatic drainage techniques.

One of the easiest and most effective is jumping on the spot. This exercise not only launches the lymphatic system but also activates all processes (lymphatic drainage, metabolism, blood circulation) helps to eliminate swelling of the legs and face.

The task is to introduce your body into a deep state with a slight vibration from lifting the foot to the toe and abrupt lowering of the whole weight on the heel, called – 100 jumping-. This exercise will help disperse the lymph through the system and prevent its stagnation.

The most effective time for these jumps is in the morning. Wake up yourself and your body on an empty stomach. We jumped as soon as we woke up.

To shake our body as much as possible, we practically, without tearing our toes off the floor, perform slight bouncing on the spot on the toes. Jumps should be small and fast, similar to a slight tremor.

No need to jump high. Jumps should be fast and much lower than when you jump rope. When performing an exercise, women must support their breasts with arms bent at the elbows.

Every morning you need to perform 100 jumps.

If you feel discomfort or dizziness during the exercise, stop the movement for a while and gradually increase it to one hundred.

It is essential to ensure no pain and tension in the spine.

We pull the belly in the navel area and keep it drawn in throughout the exercise.

Small and fast jumps - a sharp (precisely sharp) lowering of heels to the floor should take place without a feeling of a concussion in the head.

If you are worried about your knees, do a little gymnastics. If you have a hernia, jump slowly (lightly), bend your knees well, and watch the sensations during the day.

Contraindications: Not recommended for pregnant women (even short-term) and lactating women. For people who have excess weight problems with the spine, knees, joints, veins in the legs, please consult your doctor.