100 Squat - Daily lymphatic drainage


Based on the fact that the lymphatic system, unlike the circulatory system, does not have such a pump motor as the heart, and given that the lymph moves very slowly.

This process can be accelerated with the help of muscle movements and stimulations.

One of the most simple and effective exercises is squats.

Squats help the lymphatic system to function more efficiently. The full-body training provided by simple squats helps the lymphatic fluid flow faster. That leads to improved removal of cellular metabolic products toxins and improves the production of white blood cells (lymphocytes).

One hundred squats per day are necessary for the acceleration of blood and lymph since the main congestion occurs in the pelvic area (groin). Every morning, perform 100 squats, and the result will not take long to wait!

Squat technique: legs shoulder-width apart, slightly open toes, back straight from the tailbone to the neck, move the pelvis back a little. In this case, the heels should not come off the floor, and the knees should go beyond the tips of the fingers. Remember the most important thing - do not push your knees forward! Hands can be put behind the head, on the belt, or pulled forward for balance. Usually, your knees need to bend exactly at an angle of 90 degrees. Imagine that someone pulled back a chair, and you need to sit on it. Feel free to push the pelvis back, not forgetting to strain the press and back to maintain balance. Go down until the hips are parallel to the floor (a mirror will help with this), then begin to return to the starting position.

Daily squats with a straight back will help to get rid of many problems: such as - improving the lymph flow, fitness, coordination, joint condition, figure correction (strengthening the muscles of the whole body - lower body tightens, body fat decreases, as well as cellulite). I can talk forever about the great benefits of squats!