What does our youth depend on? - From posture!

 Did you know that the way we keep our posture directly affects the speed of aging?

In the first signs of aging, neither so much age nor the gravity is to blame, but our poor posture is elementary: drooping down the head, slouching, irregular static of the neck leading it forward.

With violations in the skeletal axis, we see this asymmetry; the whole structure deforms, including the face! All these lead to exfoliation of the platysma. The front surface of the body is pulled down with the forehead, eyebrows, eyelids, cheeks, ptosis of individual zones, and the angle of youth decreases. Due to poor blood supply to the head, lymph does not work, which means you are oedematous; as a result, a second chin and folds appear all over the neck. Due to poor blood supply to the head, soft tissues, skull, and brain, experience condition of chronic hypoxia feeling. 

What about our skin? The skin does not receive adequate nutrition with blood, which delivers the necessary nutrients. Osteopaths call our soft tissues playfully “cloth,” pay attention to your “cloth,” and is it in balance? Or crawling down? Sliding “cloth” leads not only to an imbalance on the face but also in the whole body! 

Correct posture is healthy and youth, which certainly affects the face! You cannot rejuvenate only one part of the body! Therefore, facial gymnastics cannot exist separately from the body. Certainly doing the beginning, you need to deal with the whole body! Without restoring the correct posture, relieving muscle spasms, trapezius muscles, it is impossible to achieve a good circulation of blood and lymph and thus rejuvenation of the face! 
Therefore, by doing posture, the formation of a muscular corset, and the relaxation of spastic zones, we achieve a steady facelift and, as a result, rejuvenation!