The contrast shower


The magic of a contrast shower! Let’s continue about the lymphatic system - lymph. Contrast shower is the most affordable,

practical and simple procedure for healing and rejuvenating the body.


What diseases may appear when the lymphatic system stagnates?

- when stagnation of the lymphatic system in the lower extremities (feet, knees, groin)

- lymph stagnation in the foot area

- fungus, sweating feet, peeling off the skin, cracked heels, unpleasant foot odor, etc.

- when stagnation of the lymphatic system in the abdomen

– milkmaid, fibroids, cervical erosion, disruption of the ovaries, urethritis, etc., and in men an increase in the prostate gland

- when stagnation of the lymphatic system in the region of the hands

- sweating hands, fungus, peeling of the skin

- when stagnation of the lymphatic system in the area in the chest (deodorant from sweat cannot be used)

- mastopathy, fibrocystic tumors, etc.

-when stagnation of the lymphatic system in the throat

- acne on the face, hair loss, problems in the mouth, runny nose, pustular infections, otitis, problems with glands, etc.


Give your lymphatic system daily 5 minutes. No matter the time of day, it is essential that you do it regularly! The procedure includes 3-5 cycles of switching from hot to cold water or vice versa. It does not matter what water to start with.


Note! To heat the body adequately, you need a little longer time than the cooling. It is better to cool the body from the bottom to up: legs first and everything else. Cold and hot water cannot be applied to the hair, as sudden drops significantly weaken and ruin their structure, but such a shower will be handy for the skin of the face!


Example: How to take a contrast shower starting with the hot water (the same can be done starting with cold water, it's up to you)


Contrast Shower with the warm water.

1. Gradually increase the temperature to hot and pour 30-40 seconds. Water should be hot enough but not burning.

2. Turn on the cold water and drench 15-20 seconds.

3. Then again, open the hot water for 30-40 seconds.

4. This is followed by 15-20 seconds of cold water.

5. Alternate hot and cold water 3-5 times.

6. Get out of the bath and rub with a towel until the skin turns red. The effect of massage with a hard towel activates capillary blood circulation, additional stimulation of blood circulation, and increased blood circulation in the upper layers of the skin.


If you take a contrast shower in the morning, finish the shower with hot water. Hot water will expand the vessels. Next a few minutes, the vessels will reflex spasmodically, invigorate and raise vitality. If in the evening, then finish it with cold water - because, after cold water, the vessels have a spasm, after a few minutes, the vessels will reflexively expand, which will speed up sleep and improve the quality of sleep. Therefore, you can safely take a contrast shower before bed without fear of causing insomnia.


The benefits of a contrast shower:

✔️ excellent lymphatic drainage of the body - stagnant processes are derived, which in the future would provoke inflammation. Mechanism: with contrasting shower muscles, relaxation and contraction occur; because of this, the movement of the lymph increases. The metabolism in the lymph vessels and lymph nodes accelerates; therefore, the lymph clears.

✔️ the circulatory system is efficiently cleaned updated due to the intensity of blood movement. Blood circulation increases, vessels expand, slags and toxins. Metabolic products are actively excreted, walls of vessels strengthen, their elasticity returns (prevention of varicose veins). Improving the work of all internal organs. Because of the increased intensity of blood circulation, each organ is saturated with a good amount of oxygen. Improves internal metabolism in adipose and skin tissues, which helps reduce cellulite, get rid of some extra kg. Improves immunity, strengthens the body's defense system, increases resistance to various diseases - by increasing the number of red blood cells and white blood cells in the blood

✔️ stimulates the release of endorphins (the hormone of joy/pleasure) in the blood - improves mood It has a positive effect on the endocrine system - also due to accelerated blood circulation

✔️ pulls up, cleans and improves skin condition, increases elasticity. It helps to avoid gravitational ptosis. A sharp temperature difference enhances blood circulation, therefore improving skin nutrition. Enhanced blood circulation allows you to get rid of stagnation and swelling. Thus, the skin becomes younger and healthier, gaining elasticity, smoothness, silkiness, and rejuvenation.



with colds/fever/flu / runny nose during inflammatory diseases (cystitis, tonsillitis), heart disease, diseased vessels/thrombophlebitis with high blood pressure (hypertension)

It should also be remembered that the contrast shower is one of the components for the rejuvenation of the body. By itself alone will not give the desired result.

The timing of cleansing the lymphatic system is a systemic and lengthy process - lasts at least 3-4 months or more. The more harmful elements have been accumulated in the body, the longer will be to get rid of them.

After a contrast shower, if you observe increased perspiration, change body odor, ache in your throat, a runny nose, acne, etc. appears, this is a good sign. You have shuffled the “swamp,” it is a sign that the lymph started clearing and toxins are released. You are on the right track!