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Our entire body, especially the upper and lower extremities, is permeated with a network of capillaries. With healthy capillaries, veins and arteries are also will be in a healthy state. Good blood flow of the capillaries provides good food for the blood vessels.

The Japanese scientist Katsudzo Nishi developed a set of vibration exercises aimed at capillary micro vibration in the blood supply.

Very often, vessels that have lost elasticity and have many layers on the walls lose their ability to contract and promote blood, which causes stagnation of blood.

One of the effective and simple exercises is "Vibration". This exercise revitalizes the capillaries.

Nishi suggest shaking the limbs thus creating a vibration. When shaking hands and feet in the capillaries, an additional vibration arises, which causes them to contract more often and push the blood more actively. Since the blood vessels in the body form a single blood circulation system, local improvement leads to improved blood circulation throughout the body.

The benefits of exercise:

It stimulates the capillaries, improves blood circulation throughout the body.

Facilitates the movement and renewal of lymphatic fluid, lymphatic drainage of tissues

Helps to get rid of stagnation, puffiness (excess fluid)

Accelerates metabolism

Mitigates vessel problems

Invigorates and energizes

Performing lymphatic drainage exercises / capillary exercises:

Exercise is performed in the supine position on a flat surface with arms and legs raised.

You need to lie on a flat surface, lift up your arms and legs. In this position, shake vigorously with your hands and feet. Create a vibration in your arms and legs, randomly shaking them.

Exercise takes 1-3 minutes.

If you find it difficult to lift both arms and both legs at once, you can raise them in turn. Vibration itself is important.

If you have increased puffiness, cellulite, excess weight, cold extremities, do this capillary gymnastics daily.

There are no contraindications. Pregnant women can do this exercise. And all those who cannot do jumps, including weakened, elderly, sick people even bedridden, as well as suffering from any heart disease, joints and problems with internal organs. Exercise absolutely eliminates the load on the heart and joints.

This exercise will replace jumping, easy running, solving the problems of physical inactivity.

Start every morning with lymphatic drainage jumps or with “Vibration”