VALIK UNDER THE WAIST - straigntening posture

VALIK UNDER THE WAIST - straigntening posture

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The back is where facial rejuvenation begins. Royal posture, beautiful neck, beautiful face shape, raised eyelids - all this can be achieved using a simple and effective exercise - "valik"/roller (Fukutsuji method).

The valik can be replaced with a twisted towel (it is necessary to twist the towel tightly and tie it up with tape). The diameter of the valik 10-14 cm, length 30-40 cm.

- Sit on a hard surface.
- valik must be placed behind the waist;
- carefully and slowly lay down on it;
- wheel is clearly under the navel perpendicular to the spine, stretching the legs and arms above the head.
- the legs are shoulder-width apart, we fold the feet so that the thumbs touch each other.
- stretched straight arms turn behind your head, turn your palms down and connect little fingers.

Execution time in this position is 5 minutes. No need more than 5 minutes! If it is difficult, then start with 1-2 minutes, gradually increasing the time.

Exit the exercise - turn through the side, very carefully and without sudden movements. 2 hours do not lift anything heavy.

Pregnant girls refrain from this exercise (especially for long periods).

For people with serious injuries and diagnoses (protrusions, various types of scoliosis, osteochondrosis, intervertebral hernia), consult your doctor and get permission. The valik has such a feature - to find / aggravate / recall the old problem, but only you, yourself, listening to your sensations, decide to lie or not to lie. Be careful not to harm yourself!

Person who has lordosis problem should do valik. Lordosis is not a contraindication, as there is a strong tension in the lower back. The valik relieves this tension, releases the abdominal organs during administration, and therefore gives blood circulation.

What are the benefits of this exercise?
✔️ straightening posture
✔️ Removing tension in the lower back, improving blood circulation and relieving spasms.
✔️ Reduction of scoliosis / kyphosis / osteochondrosis, etc.
✔️ Waist reduction
✔️ Visual enhancement
✔️ Headache reduction (at first there may be an exacerbation)
✔️ may even increase growth
✔️ Increasing flexibility, which is considered a pledge of youth

Mandatory exercise for those who lead a "sedentary" lifestyle. If you exercise regularly, I would recommend lying on the valik after all physical exertion.
The results will be noticeable in about a month. With proper exercise, the skeleton begins to slowly take on its natural shape. It is a static stretching exercise that stretches the muscle fascia in the right direction. The spasm of which causes slouching, hunched shoulders, outgrown abdomen, etc., and the main premature aging.